Dixboro General Store

Necco Wafers, Black Jack Gum, slo pokes, Mary Janes, and original candy sticks, are just a few of the ole' fashion goodies available at the Dixboro General Store. Of course, these "penny" candies aren't really a penny anymore, but our selection of 10 cent sweets will keep you coming back for more!
We carry nearly 100 varieties of jams, jellies, mustards, relishes, toppings, and salad dressings. We are proud to have the DIXBORO name on these delicious edibles.

Whether you are entertaining or just have a craving from some scrumptious dip, we have twenty varieties to choose from including chili con queso, pizza, spinach, cranberry walnut, and bacon & cheddar!  

In the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains is a small mountain community where pride in accomplishment is still important.  It is also the home of a handmade chocolate factory that makes the greatest tasting fudge, chocolates and truffles.

Using the finest chocolate, fresh cream and butter and a little extra patience, their original recipes for creamy fudge, decadent truffles, homestyle chocolates and lots more, can't be beat!  Folks say our candy is the best they’ve ever had, and you can enjoy these intoxicating flavors right in Dixboro!  

Dixboro's own healthy, hardy soup mixes are not only easy to prepare, they're a great treat for your tastebuds!  Made from all natural ingredients, and a low sodium base, you'll want to try every flavor!  Three Amigos Enchilada Stew, Funky Chunky Vegetable, Italian Wedding, and Country Harvest Lentil are just a few of the delicious varieties available.

Thirsty? Check out our 50's Coca-Cola machine stocked with ice cold soda in old fashioned 8oz. bottles!

So grab a few root beer barrels, suck down a nice cold cola, and remember the good old days! And afterwards, drop a nickel in our antique step scale for your weight and fortune!