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Featured on "The Today Show" recently, was a new brand of beautiful and fragrant candles: Kringle Candle.

From the same family that created Yankee Candle, comes a beautiful new line of all white candles! It doesn't matter which fragrance you select, because each of these carefully crafted candles are an ideal color match for any room! The 100% dye free Kringle Candles also yield the most possible light!  But best of all, each Kringle Candle will fill your home with lush, long lasting fragrances. And isn't that what you want most from a scented candle? 


We are proud to be a dealer of the leading candle brand in the gift industry: YANKEE CANDLE.  Their reputation for scented candles with long-lasting fragrance and attractive packaging has kept them on top for over twenty years.  We proudly carry forty everyday fragrances and several holiday scents in three jar sizes, votive candles, potpourri tarts, and scented tea lights. 


Soy wax candles are taking candles to a new level, and we just found some that we loved so much, we're willing to put our name on them! Made right here in Michigan, these all natural hand poured candles have rich scents and use the finest and highest possible percentage of fragrance.  Soy burns longer and cleaner than most wax candles, and the soy oil is generated by, and supports, the American farmers! 
With room filling scents such as Apple Pie, Banana Nut Bread, Magnolia, Orange Cupcake, Cozy Home, and Vanilla, it won't take long until you're experiencing the Joy Of Soy!


The Thompson Candle Company has been crafting candles in Pennsylvania since 1997. We found these great candles in time to get the fall fragrances, and they flew right out of the store! Customers were returning to buy more, and were raving about how they loved them. We knew we had a winner, and ordered a great selection of holiday scents. Thompson's cake style candles are all hand poured and hand "iced" using premium ingredients, and with great attention to detail. They are colored and scented to the core for room filling aroma to the very last drop of wax. You'll be impressed by their fragrance, long burn times, and visual beauty.


Soy candles by 1803 Candles were inspired by the 1803 diary writings of Martha Ballard. She made tallo candles, dozens and dozens almost every day and stored them in the cellar. Candles provided their light from dusk to dawn. 

Unlike in 1803, we now use candles to illuminate our homes with a warm light; for comfort, ambiance and cozy fragrance. Each 1803 Candle handmade everyday with American made Soy Wax, and is then labeled with a story reminiscent of simpler times.