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The Dixboro General Store displays a complete selection of home accessories for the "modern" country home, and it's easy to get the feel of our merchandise because we try to display our items as you would at home. The unique layout of our store lets you see dishes on a dining table, a wonderful print displayed over a sofa, wreaths tastefully displayed on a wall... we even have yummy snacks in the kitchen!

  As one of the top dealers of the Lang Company, we stock nearly their full line of products including wall calendars, notepads, address books, mugs, travel mugs, planners, and keepsake books.  Our continuous changing selection of Lang merchandise features art from their very talented artists, and covers every season.

You'll also find a diverse assortment of garlands, wreaths, and other floral items, as well as wall mirrors and forged iron plate holders, all of which can fit into any style decor.

A unique painting process recreates images and original verbiage from advertising brochures from the 1930ís, 40's, and 50's onto wood boards: waving girls on speedboats, sunsets on the riverbanks, serene cabins and fishing lodges. Signs are available as is, or you can personalize any sign with your hometown, lake, state, beach or family name.    

Wooden signs boasting heart warming quotes can be found throughout the store.  Find a saying that fits you perfectly, and add a personal touch to your home!


Tin candle accessories, cookbooks, framed prints, table linens, baskets, and clocks are just a few of the accents you will find when you visit.
Empty spot on the wall?  Wall shelves can not only fill the void, but they are a great place to display all of those precious items you've collected over the years.

Dixboro is truly inspired by early American art, and we try hard to keep that flavor throughout the store.  Both primitive and modern American accessories dress every nook and cranny of the store.


Visit our other online product pages for more goodies and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about our products.



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