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Dixboro General Store
5206 Plymouth
Ann Arbor, MI

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Our Recycling Efforts

The Dixboro General Store is proud to be a charter member of the Waste Knot Program.

Sponsored by the Washtenaw County Solid Waste Program, the Waste Knot Program aims to recognize Washtenaw County businesses, schools, and non-profit organizations who make an effort to preserve and protect the environment by reducing, reusing, and recycling. 

There is an increasing consumer demand for environmentally responsible companies in Washtenaw County, and this program is designed to publicly recognize these companies and their sound waste management practices.
We at the Dixboro General Store take great pride in our efforts to Recycle, Reduce & Reuse.

If we can recycle it, we usually do. All of the glass jars and plastic containers from our food samples are recycled, and we have a special dumpster strictly for corrugated cardboard pickup.

It isn't always very simple either.  During our Christmas Open House we have so much cardboard, putting it all in the recycle bin is impossible.  Instead, we fill our truck with it and drive it to the recycling center ourselves!  (Even 5 year old Kyle likes to help unload!)

Styrofoam is our next biggest waste product.  For 20 years,
Al surrounded by styrofoam we've been bagging it up in clear plastic bags and taking it by the truckload to the recycling center!  It's AMAZING how much this stuff adds up!

Even those annoying little foamie popcorn pieces don't end up in our trash. We fill hundreds of boxes a year with those things and we take them down the road to the local packaging store where they always end up being reused.

We have, on occasion driven out of state to pick up merchandise that otherwise would have been packaged in a spray foam that, once it hardens and expands, is impossible to do anything with. 

It takes a little extra time, and in the great big world we're just a small blip, but we're proud to be able to say we're doing our part.